Even though every effort is made to produce a perfect pattern, sometimes an error occurs. Please be assured that once an error is found, it is correct in the next printing batch.

Please note the following corrections:

Santa is Coming

I have made the snowflake blocks with all of the half-square sides of the combination-square triangles oriented outward as shown in the diagram on page 2. If you are not concerned with these seam lines, then certainly a snowflake block can be made with 1 fabric C square and 2 fabric B squares. The cutting would change to: 18 - 5" sq. B, 3 - 5" each of C,D and E.

Block as described in the pattern.

Alternate Block

I must apologize for my description of the snowflake border assembly. Page 3, please insert a step #5: Sew this strip to the top of the quilt.

Step #7 should read: Join 2 Snowflakes, 1 - 6½" x 41½" Fabric B rectangle and 1 - 6½" Fabric B square.

Here are diagrams to help you with the snowflake borders.


Left:       Right:

Pasture Pals - queen size only

-page 1, Cutting, A Feature panel, add: trim 2" off of the left side of one of the panels (this will be the panel used on the right side of the quilt - 24½" x 40½")

-page 1, Assembly, #7 should read: Sew a 2½" x 6½" fabric E rectangle to the left side of the remaining unit. Press towards fabric E. This should measure 6½" x 22½". label and set aside. This will be called U.

-page 2, Assembly, #13, add - Note: For the queen size, the 24½" x 40½" panel is used on the right side of the quilt.

-page 3, Diagram, the border on the left side of the full panel piece should not be there.

This Is Canada - Series B, Ontario

The background should be fabric V not X.

This Is Canada - Series D, British Columbia

Disregard the gray box under the title on the Tracing Guide, there is no 1P.

Tracing for 36M is missing. Please use the Placement Guide. It is a symmetrical shape therefore a reverse is not necessary.

The 42G nose is not reversed. Not to worry! Your nose will just face the opposite direction.

Gone Fishin'

 Fabric H (Wicker) is outrageously generous! It should read: Throw - ¼yd, 0.25m, Single - ⅓yd, 0.3m, Queen - ½yd, 0.5m

Maple Leaf Parade

Cutting for the Single and Queen sizes should read:
Fabric C: 72 - 3" squares for the Single and 102 - 3" squares for the Queen size ~There is no change in the fabric amounts.

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